BACKSPACE Productions Inc.

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BACKSPACE Productions Inc. and backspacetokyo

A space for people who engage in activities, expressions and activities based on code culture. A small production team with artists and programmers with different backgrounds.

backspacetokyo was established in 2015 as a place for collaboration between artists and programmers with different backgrounds. Members have advanced skills in programming and various diverse and specialized techniques.

-Project video production using laser and projection, technical support -Video production for music videos, advertisements, etc. -Create and design interactive installations -Utilization of various sensors and devices -Electronic work, circuit design, mechanism design -Pre-visualization such as VFX shooting and architecture -VR content production -Music production -Mobile application development -VJ -Various R & D

In 2019, BACKSPACE Productions Inc. was established under the names Shimizu and Higa. BACKSPACE Productions Inc. functions as a hub to connect backspacetokyo members and society, and provides planning that effectively uses new ideas and technologies, and technical direction to smoothly implement them.